Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home Town

I was walking in town today and I had my camera with me, so that I decided to take some pictures and show them to you, because I think a lot of people think how does Estonia looks like. I don't live in the capital city what is Tallinn I live on the island Saaremaa. We have a lot of nature in the city. You can see a bit green almost at every corner. But my home town isn't the best town where "green" people and vegetarians could live, because they don't have much opportunities to live by their principles.
When I visited London last year, I saw these cool signs that said it's sutable for vegetarians. Then I wasn't a vegan yet, but I had that in mind.
So enough about the chatting, it's time to show you the pictures and here they are:

I hope you liked that and you got a some kind of vision how my sweet home town looks like !
Write me right below in the comments what do you think !
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