Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to School: How to Organize Your School Supplies

I have to apologize about not keeping my promise. I told you guys that I will do every week one How-article but I had so much going on these past weeks, so that I just hadn't had the time to concentrate on my blog. But now I have a lot of free time to do it.

It's already the end of June. In one day it's August, and we have only one month of freedom left. We have to think about school again and then how to organize our school year, our supplies, or even our locker, because I think a lot of You don't want to go to school at your first day and you don't have a clue what are you going to do with your locker, or with your free time, or you don't find anything because you haven't organized your school supplies. And that's why I recommend you to think about school and organizing your things and free time, one month before school begins, because then you don't have to think about this boring stuff and you can just concentrate on your studies and hang out with your friends.
So, Let's Start!

Step 1: Make a list of things you need such as:
  • Pencils, Pens, Color Pencils
  • Long Ruler, Eraser, "White Out"
  • Highlighters, Glue, Scissors, Pencil Sharpeners
  • Protractor, Mini Calculator
Step 2: Buy organizational supplies

Step 3: Put papers where they belong right away. Anytime you get an important paper or a returned assignment from one of your teachers, put it away immediately. You can either put it in the appropriate folder for the class or in your binder or notebook. If you put things away immediately, you will find it much easier to keep your supplies and papers organized and you won't lose any of them and they will be clean and nice when you need to give them to someone or just need to study from them.

Step 4: Use a zippered pencil pouch to hold your small school supplies. You can use pencil pouches to hold pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters and any other supplies you may need. The pouch will keep everything safe and prevent you from losing and misplacing your small items.

Step 5: Color code supplies by class or subject. Choose a different color scheme for each of your courses. Doing this will keep supplies for each class separated. use a color-coded folder for each of your classes to hold important papers. You can also either have a binder with a color-coded tabs for each of your class or separate color-coded binder or notebook for each class.

Step 6: Keep your school locker clean and organized. Designate a place for everything in your locker. This will make it easier for you to easily and quickly find the supplies that you need. Be sure to get rid of trash or obsolete supplies in your locker on a regular basis as well.

Step 7: Always keep your desk clean and organized. But a pencil holder, and a rubber, glue, pencil sharpener, and some other supplies on your desk so when you need then you can always just get them, instead of trying to find them from your purse or backpack. Have a different colored sticky notes if you need to stick something on your post wall or into your books or notebooks. It's also necessary to keep your daily notebook on your desk, so that if you need to write something down or you need to do something in the future, then you can instantly write it down.

So these where the magical 7 Steps, How to organize Your school Supplies. I hope it helped and start thinking about school because I think you don't want to leave everything in last minute.
Have a nice last month and next week I will continue with my Back to school How-articles.
Next article will be: How to organize your locker ?

Take Care,

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