Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 Reasons Why to Watch Grey's Anatomy ?!

Have you ever heard from Grey's Anatomy ? I think you do, because it's the best doctors show right after Dr. House what TV people have ever made. I think I don't know a single person who doesn't know Grey's Anatomy. But if that kind of person exists, I'm going to post for him/her the summary of the show.

Grey's Anatomy is and American medical drama television series. It follows the lives of interns, residents, and their mentors on the fictional Seattle Grace-Mercy West Hospital in Seattle, Washington.

The main characters are Meredith Gray, Alex Karev, George
O'Malley, Izzie Stevens, Christina Yang, Miranda Bailey and so on. My personal favorite is Christina Yang because she is a very strong person and she knows what she wants and sometimes she gets that! If you have watched the show also then write me in the comments below who is your favorite character and why ?
So, let's get started now with the reasons !

1.Many different personalities

Yang and Gray have so different personalities. The differ from each other like Moon and Sun. Yang has very strong personality like I said before and Gray's personality is more calm then Christina's. Meredith always accepts the situations and the things she has, but Yang sometimes wants more than she has. Or let's take Alex and George. O'Malley cares about people and his work more than Karev and Karev is more arrogant than Georg. O'Malley is often funnier than Alex and Alex is more serious than Georg. I hope that now you see the difference between the personalities, and it's quite fun to watch how they communicate with each other.

2. Romance and Drama

There's always something going on between the doctors. For example Izzy has been with Karev and George, George has been with Meredith and Izzy, Meredith has been with O'Malley and Derek and maybe even with Mark Sloan, Alex Karev has been with a lot of nurses and wth a lot of doctors, as well Mark Sloan. I think the only person who stayed dating with only one person is Yang, and she was with Preston Burke. So that you see how complicated, how romantic and how much drama this show can offer us ? :)

3. Knowledge and Influence

After you had watched the show you feel like "Hey, I should be a doctor in the future" Because the whole show is built up so good and it makes you think that doctors real lives are that interesting and saving people, and discovering new medical studies is simple and thrilling. But in the real life it is so different and more complicated. But sometimes it's nice to live in the clouds !
And the knowledge what you got from the show is quite small but you still know something. Like what to use when a girl has cut herself or what cement does with a human body.

4. Excitement

In Grey's Anatomy happens always something thrilling and exciting. For an example Meredith was crawling over a dead guy into upside-down ambulance, Derek's fancy bran-mapping computer crashed in the middle of a brain surgery, Bailey and Christina had to treat a neo-Nazi with a giant swastika tattoo on his tummy, and adorable Seth Green's exposed artery squirted a whole lot of blood over Lexie. If this isn't exciting for you, then what is then ?

5. Great Actors

The actors in Grey's Anatomy are very good. They can pull off many different characters and chemistry between them and also they look smart too. Sometimes they even make you laugh !

So I hop you liked my 5 reasons why to watch that show, and after reading my post you're going to watch it !

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