Monday, September 13, 2010

A Sorry Post..

As you can read from the title this post is going to be to my readers (I have only one follower and I thank You for that and I appreciate that you are such a good friend of mine).
I also shut down my other blog what was GrazyGlam, because I don't feel so glamorous anymore. I think that I am more like a girl next door now. Like my current blog.
And my apologize is about the How-article because I have not been working on it, and I am so sorry because of that. I have been a bit busy lately.
I'm not promising anything right now, but I can tell you that I keep writing these articles, but maybe not that often as I would like to.
I'm going to write about regular stuff what regular girls do, and I would like to show to the whole world (because my blog is available in any country) that normal and maybe sometimes boring and regular, not so perfect, not-so-girly-like-they-should-be-girls can also have fun and feel happy!

Take Care,
Your GirlNextDoor

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