Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some posts from LGMH, MLIA, and Six Billion Secrets..

I was reading these pages today and some of the posts were funny or sweet, and some of them were sad what made me think. After reading them I immediately wanted to share these thoughts with you:

LGMH is and the posts are here:

  • Today at lunch, my ex-boyfriend, who was my second love, walked by with his new girlfriend. As he walked by, he grabbed the girl's butt, staring at me the whole time. I got really upset, and my best friend, the first guy I loved, kissed me. When I asked why, he said, because you deserve someone better. His LGMH.

  • Yesterday, at the mall I saw a 4 year old girl holding hands with her dad. As they were walking I heard her say, "Daddy, you're my best friend." He responded, "And you're mine baby." A father's wish for this moment with his daughter to last forever gives me hope.

MLIA is and the posts are here:

  • Today, I saw a joke on Facebook that went like this, "What's the difference between a water bottle and puberty?" The answer? "A water bottle has already hit Justin Bieber." Made my day. MLIA

  • Today was Halloween. I was having a boring time trick-or-treating when I saw a girl dressed as a werewolf and a girl dressed as a vampire suddenly run into each other. The vampire yelled "TEAM EDWARD". I expected the typical "team jacob", but the werewolf looked at the vampire blankly and said coldly, "Harry Potter. I support Remus Lupin." Best response ever. MLIA.

  • Today, I watched a home video of me at the zoo aged 3. I was pointing at the pigs and shouting 'SAUSAGE!'. MLIA

  • Today, I tried to unlock my front door by pressing the unlock button on my car key. MLIA.

  • Today I passed my Driver's Education class with an "Excellent." Driving home, I hit my mailbox. MLIA.

Posts from are here:
(they can be sometimes sad, but they are just a reminder that not only your life has sometimes bad moments)

  • Today, You finally noticed the scars on my arm. You asked me what they were from and I said: I fell down right on my arm. You believed me. I wish you hadn't

  • Today, I'm going to the doctors to see why i have such bad headaches. I secretly want them to tell me that I have a tumor or somthing. Why? Because I want somebody to tell me they love me and its going to be alright. I just want somebody to notice me.

  • Every time I leave someone a friend or family member, I always tell them I love them. Just in case anything happens to them or me. I want those to be my last words to them if anything does happen.

  • I can think of a secret. I secretly dislike my best friend. We have known each other for almost 8 years. Yet I hate how she always needs to be part of the conversation and think shes always right. And I can never tell her about my unhappy feelings because she always talks about herself. Does this make me a horrible person?

These pages are sometimes funny or terrible, but they help to remind us that everything does not has to be perfect and if some accidents or just annoying situations happens to us then we can always think about others and their lives, and how similar are we all are.

I thank all of them, who were so brave to share their thoughts with us !

Take Care,
Your GirlNextDoor

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