Sunday, October 3, 2010

Be Natural, Be Yourself !

Let it go and be spontaneous,
Experience no going or staying,
Accord with your nature, unite with the Way,
Wander at ease, without vexation.
-Fredric L. Rice

I am not going to write a long speech about how to be yourself, because I know that all of you know what to do.
I just want to remind you that how important is to know who you are and not to pretend to be someone else.
Being someone you are not suffocates your true YOU, and by that time you realize that you don't know who you are, theres a long way going back to the beginning. It's hard to go back and memorize where you choose the wrong path. When you have managed to get there start thinking about why you chanced yourself, what or who was the reason, do you feel better now, are you pleased with who you are?
When you have answered these questions then I hope you almost got the picture what's wrong.

We addend to copy famous people like: models, actors, singer who are not like us. They are pimped up their looks, and if you want to achieve it you have to go to Hollywood, where everything is fake. It's impossible to look like them, because you can't chance the way you look, the way you talk, or do things. If you try do to that, your life seems like a doll's life, dead and sad.
I think that no one wants to live in a box, like the famous people do. The have certain standards what they have to follow. We are not forced to live in a cage. We can do all the things we want to. Eat what we want to, wear, sing, draw, read what we want to.

Don't ever forget that we are free when we are ourselves and not someone else, because we live the way we want to, and we achieve these dreams what we are planned by ourselves.
If you think you have flaws than think about that no one is perfect and we all have something what we don't like. Don't try to hide it, just live with it, and make the flaws beautiful, because we all are beautiful inside out when we live NATURAL and not trying to be fake !

Always with you,
your GirlNextDoor

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