Saturday, June 5, 2010

Graduating , 9th Grade, and Summer Plans !

I graduated 8th grade yesterday and I was so happy to go on a vacation, because I was so tired of school and I just needed to relax. Today is the first day of my holiday and I already feel relaxed and rested. Our graduation was nice. The choir sang, I got a commendation (it is given to the students who graduate with all "A"-s)and the principle wished my congratulation. After that I celebrated with my mom.
Next year I am a 9th grader. I feel so excited about it. I'll get a chance to enter the fashion show, and we have to plan the winter dance. I was thinking about white and black ball but I have to consider it with my classmates. Next year will be a blast, I hope, and it's also the last year in elementary school. I know that in America high school starts in 9th grade but in our country it starts in 10th grade, an thats why I am so excited and a bit nervous at the same time, because I'll have my first final exams, and they are in math, Estonian, and English. If I want to get a commendation I have to get all of my exams "A"-s and this is quite difficult.
Someone also told me that we are going to have a new classmate- a girl. I hope she is friendly.
For summer I really haven't made any plans, maybe just 3 or 4. Definitely I want to spend a lot of time in the nature and go swimming in lake what is near my grandma's summerhouse. The view there is marvelous and it's private also. I hope to travel a lot, but mostly in my own country. I want to know my country first and then travel a bit farther. I am going to Tartu with my class and I hope it will be thrilling, because I have have never been to Tartu and I really want to see the statue of kissing students. I'm going to help my dad with building my new room, and I have to decorate it also. If you have any tips leave a comment below ! :)
But the most important goal in summer is to rest and relax, and also enjoy the nature!
Have a nice summer and keep smiling !

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