Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards

Today I was writing some Christmas cards for my family and friends to spread the Christmas joy. It's only a week away from Christmas Eve, and I am going to do some preparations. First thing was writing Christmas cards, the second would be decorating my new room into Christmas mood. I want to do some research on poems, but I think I would not have the time to learn them by heart, but it's still and improvement if I would at least find some great ones !

This one goes to Postcrossing

This one also goes to Postcrossing :)

These are going to my dear friends with muffins :D

This one goes to my dearest friend with also a muffin

I really haven't decided yet :)

This one goes to my First (Town) Grandma

This one goes to my Second (Country) Grandma

This one goes to my great-aunt

This last card goes also to Postcrossing-to UK !!! :)

If you wonder why I don't do cards to my mum and dad, then the answer would be that I see them everyday and they just don't care about cards so much like others.

Have a Merry Christmas,
Your GirlNextDoor

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